About us

We, Mattelsa, are a clothing company founded in 2006 in Medellin, Colombia.  Our focus is providing "fashion-forward street clothing", by offering brands and product lines for men and women. We currently have 55 stores nationwide, employing 1,170 people, 540 directly and 630 indirectly.

Our company philosophy is based on the fact that the evolution of culture has made the human being a more sensitive, rational and respectful person, who cares for themselves as well as the welfare of others, who lives to enjoy, with an open mind and a willingness to listen and to easily adapt their thinking; a flexible, loving and reflective individual. A human being who loves life and respects death.

In this way we define our concept as a closed-door clothing store where we promote ethical and rational consumption without generating unjustified needs. We do not have displays, and our store exhibitions are divided into product lines without manikins or cross sales which often confuse people and draw excess attention, therefore allowing the purchase to be quick and practical. There are no emotional pricing strategies like those finished in 999, our prices are closed and fair, prices that reflect the true value of the clothes.

We seek to generate awareness by adopting positions that we believe contribute to a cultured, evolved and civilized world where there is no labour exploitation, where people do not discriminate racially, culturally or sexually, where we can coexist as a species, where education is given the importance it deserves, where music and art are exploited as instruments of expression and where people are not afraid to think and reflect. A world where we are aware that the problem is not drugs or leisure, but the use that our lack of culture and education has given them.



We are a community dedicated to the enjoyment and respect of life, our hobby is to make the best clothes in the world.



Within our philosophy, we are very clear that those who work with Mattelsa must be focused and with an athlete mentality, this means that they seek to be an improved version of themselves every day. The only way we have found this to be possible is through what we have called "The 5 pillars". These are part of our identity.

1. Food

Watch what you eat because you are what you eat: To digest is to decompose food at a molecular level so small that it can be part of us.

This is the most important pillar, since this is the basis for generating well-being. With a balanced diet you ensure that all processes are in balance. Emotions, mental agility, concentration, the ability to learn and generate new ideas are all processes that are directly linked to the food that we consume.

2. Sport

As with the first, this pillar is fundamental in achieving a physical consciousness. The body needs to keep moving to achieve its optimal functioning. We are physiologically programmed to walk between 6 and 7 kilometres per day. Exercise allows for an oxygenation of the brain, which helps people have a greater concentration and memory, leading us to be much more efficient people.

Plus it’s the only way the body has to regenerate neurons.

3. Leisure

Have enough time to do everything that produces happiness. Quality time to share with family, friends or a partner; generates spaces that allow a mental disconnection which opens the mind and allows us to have a much wider vision of everything around us.

"A lot of the time the problem is that excessive focus actually exhausts the circuits of the brain. An obsessive approach can drain energy and make you lose self-control, making you more impulsive and less effective"

4. Socialization

Communication and relationships with other people are a great source of information; to dance, to go out for a drink, to go to the movies or simply to go for a walk with someone, are ways to generate brilliant ideas and realize great projects. These spaces are also important to build and strengthen emotional intelligence, to interact with others and to take positions that lead us to forge our identity as well as develop social skills. By being in contact with other people and being part of a social group, we are forced to interact and thus begin to become aware of our impulsive behaviours.

5. Knowledge

The fifth pillar is simply the consequence of having the 4 previous pillars well on track. Having a healthy body, an oxygenated and flexible brain, new mental pathways and emotional intelligence, leads us to build knowledge. We learn every day of what is around us, and we progress as a society.

This fifth pillar will help us to achieve one of our main objectives, and this is to be the best version of ourselves every day, always looking for something new to learn from others or from ourselves.